For 25 years, Brian has represented clients in a wide variety of property and casualty insurance cases. He has participated in hundreds of mediations, split equally between plaintiffs and defendants. As such, he has a deep knowledge of the mediation process and the dynamics that are at work on both sides of the table.


Brian has expertise and substantive knowledge in all areas of personal injury and insurance law, motor vehicle accidents and related areas. He is qualified to mediate cases involving allegations of municipal liability, police misconduct, public entity claims, professional liability and other broad categories of negligence.

Brian has guided anxious and challenging plaintiffs through the mediation process, preparing them for the negotiations, answering their questions, addressing their concerns and ultimately obtaining instructions to settle. He knows the pressures plaintiffs can feel during the mediation sessions and is able to communicate sensitively and carefully throughout the day.

He has also worked with his defence clients through many mediations, reporting in advance, discussing appropriate reserves and assessing risks. Brian can communicate professionally and directly to insurance representatives, speaking their language and addressing their issues.


Brian is a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario. Brian has completed both the Basic and Advanced ADR programs through the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and the Stitt Feld Handy Group. Brian is also certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in civil litigation.


Brian brings a vast array of skills to each mediation. With substantive legal knowledge and careful preparation for each mediation, Brian can address legal positions and find creative solutions to move issues forward. With a personable communication style, Brian conveys ideas and positions in a way that engages parties and keeps them focused on solutions. With active listening, Brian ensures that all issues are on the table and that all concerns are addressed.